Meet The Makers

We have been working directly with the makers of these Tin Can Models since 1998.

These photos were taken at the workshop near Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam on a visit in September 2013.

We are currently applying for fair trade status in the UK.

The Makers: we strive to provide permanent full-time employment for our original craftsman, Huu Haan, plus permanent part- time employment for his daughter, Kim and three other skilled craftspeople. Additionally we also provide regular part-time employment for an additional two helpers and are pleased to support Huu Haan in his training of our new apprentice.


Making Caps: The photos below show the process of making a tin can cap.


Making Formula 1 Cars: The young man in
the background is our new apprentice who is
learning the trade. Here, he is cutting the
intricate shapes of the Formula 1 cars with
one of our skilled craftspeople
Making Ashtrays: We have two part-time
workers who mostly cut and glue ashtrays, bags and hats.
Making Motorbikes: One of our skilled
craftsmen carefully soldering the wheels
onto the Harley Davidson models.